ummm my favorites: 

Bands: the gorillaz, flyleaf, paramore, blood on the dance floor, panic at the disco, 3oh!3, evanescence, a lot more xD
Shows: invader zim, spongebob, true blood, a haunting, adventure time with finn and jake, fan boy and chum chum, naruto, Death note, bleach, black blood brothers
Colors: all neon colors, black, white
Activities: Drawing, Swimming, sleeping, playing video games, sleeping
Movies: Baby Mama, True blood, Twilight, Step brothers, a lot more xD

oohhhh and my sister Celestial, her story is abandoned sanctuary, please read hers to it's good

IF YOUR GONNA READ____________________________________________________________

kay so if your gonna read my stories, i want you to comment, vote if you like it, don't just read it than quit kay, i just like opinions :3

ummm about me, i'm short, i'm white, mostly italian but don't look it, i'm pale, ummm don't mistake me for emo or gothic because of my style, people do <.<
i'm shy in person...i mostly am, but at moments i'm not at alllll
I love you <3

ummmmm i'm random? ummmm............i live under your bed :3 wanno kno more...
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    i'm not tellin xD
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demonofdreamz demonofdreamz Nov 05, 2010 01:53AM
comment! pleaseeee
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Tiresome Slavery

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Description: Dawn was taken to be a killing machine, and slave for her master named raven, and is soon left with her new friend Oliver, but Oliver is hiding a secret, but Dawn doesn't know, until it's almost to late


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