hey this is nikky im a bright bubbly person that has a dark side but im easy to get along with (most of the time)  just to let you guys know there are two people that are going to be writing and stuff on here. so dont get confused lol
shut up nikky! we have to confuse them or this wont be fun. so people, GET CONFUSED!! rova signing out, PEACE!!
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demon_girls demon_girls Mar 01, 2012 02:11AM
whats wrong ? rova?
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Slave girl

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Description: Bea a young 18 year old Neko. Left only with her twin brother near. Escaped from slavery only to have near lead them away after a gang leader. Near became his lover and bea a personal maid to him. Soon the mas...


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To young for love

To young for love

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Two young gang members fight to find how to truly b together. Ever wonder if love is bad for u?



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My name is zoey lokie. My parents tony and jane lokie. I met my true lI've rather young a rebel boy name...

you cant control love

you cant control love

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family present for the newly weds

LOVE in the Classroom

LOVE in the Classroom

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