Gender: non binary (he/they pronouns)
Age: 15
Sign: Pisces

•harry potter
•the hunger games
•danny phantom
•video games
•teen titans (the original)
•DC comics (some marvel too)
•Harley Quinn
A heap of other things-

Yeah... You don't give a
shit, do you?...
*insert cricket Noices*

Ok, siriusly. If ANY of you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, about anything, contact me anyway you want, and we can just talk. I know I've had times where I had no one to talk to. I may not answer back straight away but I WILL answer
Enjoy, follow, comment? Idk. I will be writing some shit soon!

I am in the cglre community. I use age regression as a COPING MECHANISM. I was abused my whole life by step fathers (multiple) and family members.

I'm not going to reveal my pitiful life story, I shouldn't have to for you to respect that regressing is how I cope and keep suicidal thoughts to a minimum.

I have been told to kill myself and that I deserve to burn to death in a fire by antis, again, I'm 15, so I'm taking a risk by putting this here.

I'm not asking for you to understand, just respect that this is how I cope.

Thanks for reading that, and please don't hate me(?)
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