welcome to my cult
yeetus yeetus commit self deletus
kUrApIkA iS nOw DrOwNiNg iN aN iNdeScRiBaBlE eMpTiNeSs *hApPy GuItAr SoLo*
a little about me
lonely :/
i watch anime lol
i love macaroons, drawing, and pretending i'm in an edit
genshin impact addict
i simp for like a million 2D characters
sagittarius sun, leo moon, capricorn rising
slytherin, district 13, divergent
dazai kinnie <3
i might write some sort of anime ff but i have literally no motivation to write atm
animes i've watched
hxh, aot, death note, kny, bsd, tbhk, ohshc, bnha, naruto, assassination classroom, angels of death, tokyo ghoul, saiki k, black butler, fruits basket, maid-sama, kakegurui, free, vampire knight, a silent voice
we're all depressed here :)
i'm probably making random ass peace signs or finger guns lmao
this is an lgbtq+ safe and bully free zone! i will not hesitate to report u if u don't follow these guidelines
i'm always here if you need to talk or rant or anything so you can always message me
i love you
te quiero
i follow back <33
back up wattpad acc: @fr0ggytoez
graphic designer at: @FanficssCommunity_
whoa u read all this
u R a SuSsY bAkA
(i mean that ironically to be clear)
aot fans click the link if ur having a bad day click the link to instantly start wheezing from laughter
u probably already know what it is now but just click it anyways bc it's literally free therapy for when u feel shitty
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deceasedbraincell deceasedbraincell Jul 16, 2021 07:16PM
anyone else at the point where they're so burnt out from depression that u r physically sick from it or is it just melike yk the constant headaches, stomachaches, feeling like ur gonna throw up, diz...
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