i honestly dont know what to say that anyone would be interested in. i love reading and writing and maybe one day ill get up the courage to post something because even though i love everything i read when it comes to my own writing its never good enough.
I love authors like Richelle Mead and Wattpads own hmmcghee. they make the simplest things amazing and my hope is to one day write a fraction as good as they do.
i hate people who judge someone before they know them and that includes myself but im trying to get better about that.
i definitely said buh-bye to my sanity long ago as demonstrated by the sudden bursts of laughter while reading a book in public.
i have an amazing family, including a sister, two brothers who are twins, a grandmother i adore, three nieces, and very recently a nephew!
i admit my sarcasm can get a little out of hand but hey being the baby of the family you have to have something going for you
well if i told you anymore then youd know me better than i know myself so tata for now and remember
death always comes with a kiss
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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

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