One great thing about the codes is that the company can "regulate" them to ensure that different tiers get different results.  There are certain decisions that should be made with regards to such campaigns by any company:
1. As a company, will you allow only one coupon code at a time? Of course, if you can have a customer enter multiple codes, and still somehow profit - it might be an incentive for bargain buyers to start flooding your website. However, if it leads to dramatically reduced profit, it may not be worth it. The first decision is to decide whether you will allow more than one.
2. Offer the same bottle with a large discount, such as half off, for Valentine's Day or the customer's birthday, for example.
3. Find a similar bottle, and send an e-mail stating that if they purchase two bottles of this new wine, they will get a bottle the previously bought wine, for free.
Every customer wants to feel like their dollar is being rewarded, and coupon codes help to do that.
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