People who know about Canadian photography, especially of the outdoors, will recognize the name David Koonar of Windsor. His photography has been a big deal in Windsor, Ontario, as well as in other parts of Canada. Koonar is still one of the most well-known names in Windsor for visual work and photography that makes an impact. He has been trained in the traditional way and has worked hard to improve his professional skills over the years.

Education and Focus on Early Design
David Koonar has been interested in design since his early days as a photographer. Images were much more than just still moments. He wanted his camera's output to match the beauty and technical presentation of both man-made and natural design as seen through the lens. Technology has changed, grown, and moved forward over the years, but Koonar's photography, which is based on design representation, is still the same at its core. Today, digital manipulation, editing, enhancement, and much more make it possible to do a lot more. However, David still finds beauty in simple shots, especially in nature. No matter how good the code is behind the computer screen, software can't do these things.

Storylines about ideas
David Koonar of Windsor and his work start with stories to come up with ideas for how to make things look. His camera and skill are his professional tools, but what makes the finished product artistic is a good background, setting, and plot. In many cases, the story is already happening, like a real-life movie, and he is in the right place at the right time to catch it and save it for the future. You can see a lot of this skill in the work he shows online through Instagram and other social media channels. With millions of views, a steady following of the same size, and amazing new content coming out all the time, it's no wonder that David Koonar keeps getting hired for new photography projects.
  • Ontario, Canada
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