Thanks to the help of Dr. Stoessel, I got my PhD in Chemometrics and AI from the University of Zurich, and I also got my certification in Cell Therapy from Mount Sinai because of his help with my studies. It was in college that he learned about chemical engineering and now he has a bachelor's degree in that field, which is what he did. In this case, David has both the Series 7 and 63 licenses, so this means that. Besides the Series 15, 15A, and 55 licenses, he also has the Series 15, 15, and 55.

As a healthcare investment banker, David helps companies buy and sell each other, find money for projects, and make money. David worked with his clients as a healthcare investment banker in 2008. It's been more than 100 projects for them since then. It will be some time in 2021 that Philips has bought the AI Pathology platform from Mount Sinai. The Annovis Bio IPO in December 2020 will raise $600 million thanks to David's work. The IPO is worth $10 million. He used to work for IMC Systems, but now he doesn't. Before that, he was the Vice President of Finance and Investment, which was a job that he had. David worked for Novartis when Glivec was first sold in Switzerland, and he was there when it was (Imatinib). Because of his job as Director of Market Analytics at Pfizer, Rebif and Macugen were a lot better off because of it.
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