"It's not that I don't appreciate a good love story, it's just that I don't appreciate a good love story." -me 
"I think that the reason that everything seems happy around me is because I can't tell the difference between happy and sad anymore"
-my sister
There's a voice in my head
And a monster in my mind
So many secrets
I wish that I could leave behind
Hahahaha. You thought that because I started with a quote and a really horrible poem I want to kill I'm a serious person? Jokes on you! Hiya! Faea here, an alien from another planet. Me? I'm all about: books, writing, being unusual, being busy, rhythmic gymnastics, my friends, and much more. I am 'gifted and talented', quirky, creative, and shy. I like to imagine that on Wattpad people enjoy reading my stories.... And I join WAY to many contests. It's like I expect to win or something? But naw. I'm in it for fun. #livingtheloserlife #andlovingit #noneofthesearerealhashtags
-Poems are my jam, I eat them with bread.
-Life ruining and anxiety are two of the words that have the most connection in my head
-I'm usually fairly jokey but every once and a while I start talking about philosophy and stuff. When I do, unless you enjoy being very confused, run
-I put gifted and talented in quotations because my standards are too high and my one singular C+ is slowly eating away at my mind and body
-One of these days I while stop over sharing everything in my life
-Today is not that day
Favorite Wattpad books:
Pandora's Box (It's just cool)
Fatal Flaw (Percy Jackson au)
Puppets (Another Percy Jackson au)
His Disney Girl (It's cute ok, leave me alone...)
There are WAY more but I forgot their names...
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