"It's not that I don't appreciate a good love story, it's just that I don't appreciate a good love story." -me 
I prefer reading to living,
Dying to surviving,
Frowning to smiling,
And crying to loving.
(My poem. Don't steal.)
I'm that one person who always believes that someone cares, even when rumors are being spread and their only friends are frenemies...
Hiya! Darkness here, an alien from another planet. Me? I'm all about: books, writing, being unusual, being busy, rhythmic gymnastics, my friends, and much more. I am 'gifted and talented', quirky, creative, and shy. I like to imagine that on Wattpad people enjoy reading my stories.... And I join WAY to many contests. It's like I expect to win or something? But naw. I'm in it for fun. #livingtheloserlife #andlovingit #noneofthesearerealhashtags
Favorite Wattpad books:
Pandora's Box
Fatal Flaw (Percy Jackson au)
Puppets (Another Percy Jackson au)
His Disney Girl (It's cute, ok. Leave me alone)
There are WAY more but I forgot their names...
Warning: I will be major editing my profile. I am focusing more on my new original series based on Disney princesses which I am calling Commonalities. It's so far been really fun to write and I'm making covers!!!! I finally got the covers app... Yeah. So that's my new series. Watch for that. I might take down most of my fanfic books, that's just not one of my primary interests and I want to write within my own guidelines.
I am also writing a series called the Links Chronicles, and the first chapter of the first book SHOULD be out soon. It's simply called the Links Chronicles and it's about a ship capsizing.
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