I'm not girly i moved to this stupid town where all but 2% of the girls are sluts and guys jackasses. i used to be bullied so much that i cut myself. DO NOT DO THAT IT IS STUPID!!! well kids just made fun of me because of my cuts. so i only have 5 friends who were there for me and i owe them every thing i don't know what i would without them so then i started to write my book to show ppl that i will always be me and how much i would be bullied
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darkgirl23 darkgirl23 Jan 19, 2013 03:39AM
@Montysimo sorry, I have a huge writers block on these 2 stories, but I'm post some new ones on a new account. thank you for wondering about me
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Cupid's Arrows Before Halloween

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Description: Amorette is Cupid's daughter. She hate the town she lives in and Valentine's Day. She doesn't believe in love. Her family is forcing her to chose between two guys who both love her. She has never loved anyon...


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Who Said Princesses Needed to Be Girly

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