It recently dawned on me (at 43) that one way or another, I’ve been writing most of my life and may as well become better at it.

I've been getting to grips with short storytelling over the past year. Most of my tales have benefited from the critiques of 'Writers Forum' competition judges whose sound advice, I've even implemented here and there. Eventually, I hope to adopt a more literary style of storytelling which would allow for all sorts of clever-clever themes, imagery, similes and suchlike ...

Meanwhile, I'm more interested in the shape of story itself. Or rather its strength: as received through just about any form of entertainment (apart from rugby commentary of course - the dark side of life in Wales!).

My favourite authors are George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, George Orwell and Noel Coward. I particularly like their letters and generally admire their work for its lucidity: a quality which I’m striving towards in my short stories. I’m also keen on the style of newspaper columnists who usually seek to be understood and keep me from retreating too far away from the 21st century!

As should Wattpad – although it's easy to spend too much time around here rather than focus on ways of improving one's craft and appreciating the work of ... well, proper authors (9 times out of 10) let's face it!

And yet how enjoyable, it surely is, to overlook the shameless typos of a texted tale which seizes the storytelling moment; than to indulge so many a published author peddling the same sorry dross, year after year.

And so with that plainly jaundiced and none-too-novel rant, I now present to you my own selection of disparate tales (of woe, mainly) laced with humour (here and there) which may prove enriching in some worthy way ... my lovely trickle of readers!

Till next time or other,


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I've been unduly distrait over recent weeks, or rather away from Wattpad to a dire extent; dealing with less important stuff that often afflicts adulthood: even my own.
      Not to bore you with such matters (which bore me blue btw) just to say how much I look forward to being massively immersed in Wattpad once again, when everything settles and maybe see you on Twitter in the meantime ...
dandydilettante commented on Someone Like You - Chapter 5

'neurones caffeinated' ~ oh yes, lazy things! Omega 3'd and Tyrosined later in the day, I find effective, along with dark chocolate (if not Phenylalanine itself which I though was the ingredient supposed to buzz the brain a bit) and gym dopamine - any other tips? : )
      Jury should be out on Max, I reckon, as wouldn't 'dream time' differ from moments spent awake? In which case, she would have had quite long enough to revel in such 'experiences' ; )
dandydilettante commented on 'Shove-it!'

Heh! heh! These guys are usually the most poker faced customer service types you'll ever meet; it sounds like you may have encountered a candid variety who actually shared their style of humour ; )
      Thanks for reading, I'm glad there were fond echoes along the way.
What's it they say ... 'Woot-Woot!' (ugh ~ perhaps not).
      And what would I be wooting about, anyway? 
      Well, 'The Ascendant' has hit 99.4K 'reads' (glances, whatever) so I thought it as well celebrate now rather than at 100K simply to satisfy a widespread numerical preference.
      Sure, 'What a grouch!' but despite all that: Thanks to everyone who's enjoyed that particular story ~ it's what it's there for after all : )
dandydilettante commented on Someone Like You - Chapter 1 - Jen

You've certainly introduced enough intrigue with this guy's condition to keep the reader captive throughout; some delightfully original descriptive expressions and yet the storytelling  absorbs the reader's awareness most of the time (I found at least) which is where authorship really succeeds.