could you maybe check out my new story “your love” it only has three chapters right now but I would love feedback ❤️. 


@mistiannnnn Hey sure no problem!


Hey Gorgeous, thank you for the follow back! When or if you get the chance, please check out my work. I'd truly appreciate the love, and I'm sure you'd enjoy the read.


Hey queen! I hope you’re doing okay during this time. If you’re in school I hope you’re doing good and goodluck on any exams ❤️
           I would love it if you could please check out this urban book by my sister @FortuneEddie,
           “ Secrets In The City” 
          it’s really good. There’s mystery comedy drama romance it has everything. I know you’ll enjoy it and I would love to hear your opinion on it.


Thanks for adding my story to your reading list! I hope you enjoy.


Hey just stopping by to say thanks for reading All She Wanted Was Love.. hope you’ve been enjoying so far ❤️


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