Name:Rinachu Dame Kuiz a.k.a Webette Montes

Age:About 1000 years old :D

About me:

~Love anime and manga since the day my mother give birth to me..XD
~Love to draw and create comics (mostly a random doodle)
~Love to write mainly fantasy,horror,love and mystery.(mostly English one)
~Love to eat sweets and ICE CREAM!!..(yummy)
~Love to read stories and manga :p
~Love to play online games and also offline games especially SIMS GAMES!!
~Love to listen to japanese/korean songs and Vocaloids!!
~I love Finn <3

~a stalker.
~a otaku forever!!
~addict of games and Computer..(I can't live without them TT_TT)
~addict of Vocaloids (especially Len) manga/anime.

I'm moody so sometimes my stories will not be updated (sometimes).I mostly write english stories even though I'm not good at it..(:P)..
My stories are mostly a scripted one..(SCRIPT STYLE)
Bare with me when you see wrong grammar or wrong english..tsk
I'm not confident when constructing sentence even a paragraph..TT_TT

that is all..*sniff*
well..Ganbatte Minna-san!!...and thank you for reading my stories (If I have one :p)
comment and suggestion will be okay...(I think)..XD..~.

Ja ne!!..
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