~I like my girls just like I like my honey, sweet a little selfish~

This acc belongs to a girl who:

●is antisocial and weird
●in love with the dolan twins
●in ethans lane ;)
●used to be a directioner
●used to love Louis Tomlinson
●and now she kinda hates him
●happy but likes to cry in her room by herself
●miss her internet friend
●in LOVE with Riverdale
●hopes one day she meets dolans
●is single but happy about it
●only wants summer
●hate fake friends
●used to have fake friends
●don't like school
●doesn't have a crush but the dolans
●wondering if 1D will come back and if she will like them again
●don't think she will come back as a directioner since she don't like them anymore
●don't care about hate :)))
●is a drama queen ♤
●is...done with everything
  • JoinedJanuary 17, 2016

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