I am Alex
I am 17.
I am a Daddy Dom.

I am looking for a female little.

I want it to be online with a bit of real life type Daddy and little relationship. I will not meet you in real life. I am open to video calling if you want that. We will mainly use kik, snapchat or other messengers to talk.

I will take care of you, but I am strict and firm also. I may discipline you, but I never ignore.

I love to talk about supernatural and I love to tell stories too. I love Disney movies. My favourite movies are tangled, Frozen, Moana, Brave. I love Disney songs also.

If you want to talk, then you can always message me. If you dont know what to say, then I will teach you and lead our conversation.

I love to make new friends also.

you can message me here. My kik too. I have other messengers also. You can always take time to know me. I dont rush anything.

My kik is daddytallone

Have a good day and smile always.
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Story by Alex
Hello Little one, Hi Tall one  by daddytallone
Hello Little one, Hi Tall one
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