My name is Ronnie. 19 years young, brown hair, green eyes, somewhat tall...Yeah...
I'mma college girl now, so I have very little time to write anymore. So many apologies.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY STORIES. If you cannot understand this, don't bother reading my works. It really ticks me off when people can't come up with their own ideas. It is illegal to steal someone's idea for a story. Remember that.

I very much dislike bullies. Especially the ones in disguise.

I love playing and listening to the piano.

I'm a hardcore Catholic.

I think people throw the word "Hate" around like confetti for no solid reason.

Other than all the above info, I don't know what else you expect me to share about myself....
I appreciate any feedback on my works, but please be respectful. I can take criticism, constructive criticism.

The one other gal on this website I know is @Ruth_Wilson . Check her out if you're looking for some quality reading. She's taught me a lot about writing

Peace and Blessings. God Bless.
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dacerfreak dacerfreak Mar 26, 2015 02:01AM
Hello all! 
      Status update:
      -MLY: Next chapter is seriously SO CLOSE to being update ready. So close!
      -Running Blind: Road block. I'm seriously lost. Once I get a tiny break from all my studying (a S...
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