Umm.... what to say...what to say


Oh my name is Cindy but I like to spell it Cyndie. I'm a teen obviously and I'm African from Ghana.
I am Christian and proud!

My bestie is @vememsisme. Go fan her NOW. She's the best!!!
l luv <3
- reading and writing
- sleeping and eating (but I don't grow fat I don't know why. My friends say I'm too skinny!)
- One Direction
- Bread

I don't like :/
- vegetables
- Monday mornings
- hip hop
- waking up
- school

I like to meet new people too. So that's pretty much everything you need to know :).
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cyndiebookaholic cyndiebookaholic Aug 08, 2014 11:23AM
New story. Go see!!!! 
      Btw its been so long I know. 
      Im here though till late September!
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Light Chick

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Description: Just something I wrote in school one time when I was supposed to be studying for a very important exam :>


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