When is the second chapter coming I'm literally dying 


          You are doing a really good job writing about JanHoo. Take all the time you need, but don't abandon the story pls.
          Where do you write about BTS? I can't find it here


Hi Luna! The BTS story isn’t published yet but it will be here. I’m trying to get a few chapters in before i start publishing. Thank you for the compliment! 


You’ve started posting part four of your Boys Over Flowers How It Should Have Ended series…yay!!! I just wanted to say that I am beyond excited to read it. You definitely have a talent for storytelling and writing and have done a tremendous job in providing an ending that has given many fans some much needed joy and happiness for these characters. 


Thank you! I am so happy you love the stories. I needed Ji Hoo to have a happy ending. :-) Take care!


Please post boys over flowers part 4 faster 


I absolutely am in love with your story telling- I hope you finish the storyline for all the boys! 


I will try my best. Thank you for your message ☺️.  Take care!


I didn't like bof's ending and just started searching on watpadd if someone else wrote something better then the ending according to the show. But I really didn't think I would find such awesome continuation... To tell the truth I also had some ideas in mind for jihoo and jandi's match but after reading ur 1st part I realised that your idea was the best .. I really don't think I can find something more better than what you have written somewhere else ever .. I have fallen in love with your writing.. In your description u have written that you aren't a writer but whoever who reads these parts would actually doubt it...
          Keep going and providing us with such wonderful work... Awaiting part 4 eagerly..


Thank you for your kind words! It means a lot to me :-). 


Your writing made me feel so at peace , you are an amazing writer . I really didn't liked how boys over flowers ended . I was disappointed the way ji hoo was left heart broken . Your story's made me so much better and now i love to think he got Jan di . Thank you sooo sooo much . Please publish the part 4 soon ...i m really looking forward for that 
          Or can you just tell us the date of when you will release it 
          And my fan request to you can i contact to you somehow plezzz insta or something i hope i dont sound like a stalker ..if i m, i m really sorry 
          But please it's my humble request .  I want to talk to you.


I wasn't satisfied with the endingof Boys over flowers. When I found this I was extremely happy.All the three parts of boys over flowers were amazing. Can't wait for the 4rth part.


I loved all of the three parts! Can’t wait for part 4!!! Thank you