Hi, I'm Percabeth, not. I wish! Lol. Anyways, I love, love, love to read, and I love, love, love to swim! I've always wanted to become an author, so let's see if I have what it takes. I do have another account, it's jackfrostluver, that's where I'm mostly on. So, yeah. I created this account just for fun, no other reason than being bored. Also who's excited for Catching Fire, House of Hades, Alligant, and Divergent coming up later this year and into the next!!!????? I sure am!!!!
Do any of you guys live in Kent Island? PM me if you do!
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Camping gone wrong

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Description: This is based off of my camping trip this weekend with a major twist. Completely fiction. Enjoy!Gwen went camping with her family one weekend, only to discover that she was just hallucinating her mom on the tr...