Hey y'all! 
          	I want to talk to you guys more! PM me your questions, write on my wall, or just pop in to say hey! Really miss talking to you guys. I also want to write things you would be interested in reading and sharing with your friends. Writing is sort of my outlet for everything I've got going on, so it would be amazing to know there's a little bit of reciprocity on the other side of the screen. I'm always here for you guys! Any good fics you recommend? Looking to perhaps start reading again...lord knows how long it's been since I peeped in the discover tab.


When was the last time I told you how amazing you are? welp, here's a second time!  ❤
          just finished reading Donovan for the 15920 time this year, I thought I was supposed to STOP an addition. 


Hi I’ve been wanting to ask you about A Dance With Wolves. I absolutely love the book and the plot and your ability to insert your own character into a story and have it be subtle enough to not be overwhelming and I wanted to ask where it went. It was a favourite of mine and it was always the book I picked to go back and read when I couldn’t pick something ❤️


hii just wanted to stop in and say that i absolutely adore your writing and your book Donovan. Can't wait to read the next book <3
          p.s. i hope you're having a great day!


Hey babe, would you mind reading my book: “The Lone Buck.” Comment & vote please, I would truly appreciate it and all feedback helps. Let me know what you think, thank youuu darling ✨