Hoi! This is Cure Love! I'm Undertale trash and as you can see by my name I'm also PreCure trash! XD 

And here are my UT OTPs Cuz I want to:

Chasriel (Chara x Asriel)

Frans (Frisk x Sans)

PetalFlakes (Temmie x Flowey)

Torigore (Toriel x Asgore)

Alphyne (Alphys x Undyne)

Monrisk (Frisk x Monster kid)

I'm also Steven Universe and Pokemon trash! :D

My Pokemon shippings

AmourShipping (Ash x Serena)

WishfulShipping (Cilan x Iris)

LaserBladeShipping (Clemont x Korrina)

FourthWheelShipping (Max x Bonnie)

MarissonShipping (Alain x Mairin)

EgoShipping (Gare x Misty)

RocketShipping (Jessie x James)

SEE YA!!! :3
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Ask or Dare Elfin X3 by curelove15
Ask or Dare Elfin X3
Did you use to watch Bakugan when you were younger?! Did Preyas and Elfin become your first OTP? Do you want...
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