Hello, my name is Kate and I am a compulsive fiction writer.

My first story was called "Super Cat". It wasn't good, it was horribly spelled, and the idea was mostly plagiarized. Every journal I own begins with a few days of my life and the rest is a hastily-scrawled record of whatever story came out. Ideas come from my dreams. I think about my stories in bed as I drift off to sleep. I often wake at three am with a writing revelation. I might be dreaming up romance stories behind you in the line at the DMV, composing the plot for a mystery while we wait for the bus, or texting a poignant line for my main character to my email address from the bathroom at the mall. Thanks to my laptop and some late-blooming self-discipline, scrawled notes in a journal or random thoughts scribbled in the margins of a wadded-up grocery list have taken physical form. I live in Seattle, Washington with my wonderful husband and three energetic children. Most of my writing is done to the sound of my children’s voices, and is interrupted every few sentences. I wouldn’t have it any other way!
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The Silver Collar

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Description: Bought as a child to slave at an inn, Lyneth suffers under a terrible curse. Her frightening transformations are stopped when a priest puts a silver collar around her neck. It stops the change, but makes her i...

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