I'm a creative, constantly joyful, unique and peaceful person. I've read probably more books than anyone my age and proud of that. I can read several 400-500 page books in weeks. 

Fun facts about me:
My favorite Sonic drink is cherry limeade.
I am a baptist Christian and deeply love God.
I play piano and guitar.
I'm in many bands.
I work all summer teaching young kids how to dance and use their talent for God.
I love reading.
I am a theatre kid, grew up in it.
I used to be homeschooled but now I'm not :)
I will have my own photography business someday.
My favorite band is the David Crowder Band.
I don't like the book Pride and Prejudice.
I love everyone around me and it kills me to see my friends leave me.
I have two sisters and a brother and I'm the youngest of my siblings.
I starred in the musical Oklahoma! As Gertie Cummings.... Please look that up on YouTube to see who my character was... You'll die laughing ;)
I had an awkward kissing scene....

I have a best friend named Taylor, he helped me a lot when I moved theaters. I love him to death :)
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Love Comes Slowly

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Description: Isabella Hyden had a pretty normal life. She had a ex boyfriend, and a soon to be boyfriend, but what happens when her ex wants her and only her and drives her away from everything she's ever known? Will her s...


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