Hello my beautiful followers/fans/friends,
This is crystaloceans, aka Emma, aka Bemsy. I’m writing this author’s note to announce that Loving Mona Lisa is going to be rewritten.
Because of this, it won’t be updated. Perhaps for months. But it will return. Please don’t unfollow me – I am doing this because I want a story I can be proud of. (:
The first edition of Loving Mona Lisa will remain up on my profile, simply because the votes and comments are such a huge source of happiness for me. <3 So I thank you for that. You’ve all helped me through my darkest times – without realizing, I may add – and it never goes unappreciated.
So what will change with Loving Mona Lisa?
The plot will remain pretty similar, but the chapters will be better quality, more intense, more realistic, more enjoyable and more fun to write! Filler chapters will be almost non-existing, drama will be almost as common as the word ‘the’ and most of all, I will be proud of it. I will be proud of Loving Mona Lisa. I will love it, and my passion for writing will be reignited. Also, theres a new cover! That’s pretty exciting, I reckon.
I will try to keep you in the loop as I rewrite Loving Mona Lisa, and I hope you walk this journey with me because without you there wouldn’t be a journey at all.
With love,
Emma xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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