so, i like to write. i'm sixteen, although i've been told i look older and i think like someone older than myself. i hate small talk. i don't like drama but i like debating. i'm a grammar nazi; things must be spelled right and punctuation must be correct. hey, if you want, i'll read your story to check the grammar. i automatically do it anyways. i only write in all lowercase letters when i'm chatting or explaining. mkay, i'm bored with this. peace out broski.
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Stories by nikki marie.
MAXiMUM __ a watchmen fanfic. by cringeface
MAXiMUM __ a watchmen fanfic.
With nothing else worth-while in her life, Dwight seeks out the only thing she knows she can do -- fight crim...
this i believe. by cringeface
this i believe.
A short essay I wrote in English class on the theme "This I Believe."
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