Hey there!

There are a few things you need to know about me:

>I act like the vampires.

>I can be very awkward at times (ok, most of time)

>I <3 country music.

> I am a Directioner.

>I am instantly suspicious of you if you drive a white van.

>my besty is @gatorsis go follow her she is so awesome

>my other besty is @kennybear009

>my one direction mentor @smilezandfrowns

>joint account with my bestie @2Writing_girls

>I want a Minion

>I am female

>I am 15

>I am in 9th grade

>I am Catholic

>My favorite show is Leverage

>My favorite 5 Movies are the Twilight Saga. Also, White House Down and Despicable Me 1 & 2 AND DIVERGENT OMG

>I play Bloons Monkey City

>My birthday is the day before Christmas

>I want Waffles.


>Celebrity crush- Avi Kaplan

>I can beat-box

>PTX <3<3<3

>I know how to Pogo

>I love Minecraft Youtube videos. Especially ones by Stampy and Squid....yeah....

>I have an addiction to Minecraft video's and no motivation to quit.

>I basically just love MineCraft

>I'm in show choir
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criminalminder criminalminder Jun 06, 2015 05:33AM
      So basically, me and @gatorsis have vowed to actually Wattpad this summer. Although, tbh, mostly me, seeing as @gatorsis is gone like all summer. So yeah...expect to see me mostl...
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untitled story of my (sucky) life

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Description: story of a young girl (not a personal narative)


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