Guys my book is back up updates soon to come!


Can you guys give me suggestions on what you might want to see from me in the future if you read what I wrote before I took it down can you think of things you liked or disliked I want to start writing again once summer hits up so now is the time for some fresh ideas please get back to me on this ☺️


You could read "Float" by ToastedBagel


Beauty Secretos es mi primera/nueva novela si te pasas por ella ni olvides tu voto  gracias ❤


Hey guys I took down my story I don't know if I want to continue it I am not sure where I am going with the story line but don't worry I am not throwing it away I just unpublished it and I am going to try to think it through a little more keep your eyes open for it soon! :D 

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