Look, I don't pretend to be great or anything, but I've been making up stories for most of my life. It's nice to know there's somewhere I can actually put them and get reviews without people lying and saying they're great so they don't hurt my feelings.
Plus, I read copious amounts, and it's brilliant knowing I can log on and just casually read everywhere now. So thanks for that guys :)

(Just to be on the safe side, I'll warn you that most of my books are properly messed up. Like to the point of me even getting confused... I should really sort that out soon:L)
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    Wouldn't you like to know;)
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The Abnormal Case of the Wonderful Illusionist and her Will.

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Description: "Life goes on." And that, dear reader, is an easy thing to be told, but not to remember. "Death is the cowardly way out." Life begins at the first breath, and ends with the last. Don't fig...


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