Thanks for checking out my profile! My nickname is Cookie, I'm female and a total geek (see fandom list below for details) I'd appreciate it if you checked out my stories and threw in a vote or comment with your visit😉 

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If no one comes from the future to stop you, how bad of a decision can it be?

I would like to think I will die a heroic death, but it's more likely I'll trip over my dog and choke on a spoon of frosting....

When you carry the Bible... Satan gets a headache
When you open it... he collapses
When he sees you reading it... he faints
When he sees you living it... he flees

That guy you made fun of for coming from a poor family?
He has spent half of his life competing with his brothers and friends trying to impress people.
That guy with the lightning scar you make fun of?
He lived in a cupboard for eleven years before he got a small bedroom.
That girl you called Loony?
Her mother died when she was nine.
The boy with the Rememberall that people make fun of?
His parents suffered a fate even worse than death and they don't even recognize him anymore.
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