[[[currently in the process of editing all the stories I plan on continuing]]]
check out my stories!
I apologize for not continuing some of my stories I have the attention span of a fish... My stories have a great range from; vampires, romance, angels, demons, fan fictions, mystery, suspense, horror, zombies, and Im sure there will be more!
check mah stories out there are some crazy things going on in there!!!
Hope you love me as much as I LOVE YOU!!! take care of your face ;D
If you have a mustache or is planning on growing one, can you dye it blue (or rainbow) and send me a pic. that wud be amazetastic
*whispers* i see dead people. Jk but my friend xt!n@ (A.K.A. @bestiesinspireme can haha, love you!!)
go lick a rainbow, save a baby leprachuan, grow a tomato garden, slap your friend, ride a unicorn do whatever As Long As Your Happy :)
Darn dont you hate it when you check your phone and realize someone texted you like a hour ago, yeah me too, haha I like answering my own questions. Isnt that right? yepp it is...
Dont Be A Squidward.
so in conclusion I wud LOVE it if you voted for my chappies in my stories, it makes me feel all giddy inside, so go click vote and make this crazy girl happy :)
------>> xoxox (otherwise known as hugs and kisses)
--cookiemuncher (loves you)
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cookiemuncher cookiemuncher Feb 15, 2014 06:13AM
IS THAT A NEW CHAPTER THAT I JUST UPDATED FOR BLOOD RIVALS??? I THINK IT IS. Please go read & maybe vote for the new chapter of Blood Rivals. It won't disappoint :D xx
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Description: Hungry. Thats what they are. Infected is what they've became. Food is what we are. See the problem?

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