Why are you here ....stalker lmao jk.i guess you wanna know something bout me right lol. So my names yazmin and I'm basically the craziest most dirty minded freak you'll ever see lol.I'm really different from other people XD Idgaf what people think, I like everyone until they give me a reason not to, I love cookie monster & comics & hate elmo, Im in love with this special redhead(hes my world), Im very tom boyish but I dress girly its wierd lol,i love all music from screamo to classical except for country music (i hate it ) , I have a great dane named duke,a french bulldog named tank , and a siamese kitten  named bandit, I love sleeping with sirens , and most importantly I  LOVE my mommy lol(yeah I know ima  mommas girl :p) 

Ps: the pic says "let me clean my bitch slapper then we get to business" just incase u can't read it lol
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