Hello all! I am now published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Createspace! Just search Nicole Sturgill on those sites and you'll find me! There's a list of stories down below that are available on those sites :)  I'm from a small town in middle of nowhere Kentucky. Writing lets me create and explore other worlds and escape from the day to day. I have three great kids and a husband who loves me and inspires me to create the men in my stories! 

Check out my official website nicolesturgillauthor.weebly.com

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Link to all my published works on amazon

Published on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, smashwords and Createspace
(paperback and ebook versions available!)
Published under the name Nicole Sturgill

Breaking the Rules (1st in breaking series)
Breaking Jacob (2nd in breaking series)
Breaking Down Defenses(3rd in breaking series)
Breaking Through to Sue (4th in the breaking series)
Breaking Boundaries (5th in breaking series)

The McEllis Boys

He Followed Me Home


To Love a Wild Irishman

Against Her Will

Small Town Love

Once Bitten Twice Mad

Innocence and the Outlaw

Give My Love to Rose (1st in outlaw series)

Here's a link to a list that tells all my series on wattpad and the order they go in!
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Love Her Softly (rewrite of Fallen Angel)

Social data: 34K reads. 3.5K votes. 290 comments.

Description: The last thing Liam Mcyntire expected to find in his barn one cold February morning, was a half-starved , frozen-solid woman. She's covered in bruises and full of mistrust and suspicions. He'd been perfectly c...

#503 in Romance


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Wild Rogues (third in lone wolf series)

Wild Rogues (third in lone wolf series)

1.2M 50K 3.8K

She's on the run... They have to have her... because with twins she'll have twice the protection, twice...

Mature Completed


147K 13.4K 2.7K

My name is Saraphine-just Saraphine. It may seem strange for a human being with flesh, blood and a soul...

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Dancing with the Devil (Watty Award Winner!)

Dancing with the Devil (Watty Award Winner!)

2.1M 81.1K 5.8K

*** Ansel Adams, or Ance as those he knows tend to call him, is a bad man though he didn’t consider that...

#47 in Historical Fiction
An Outlaw's Silence (manxman)(second story in The Crane Gang series)

An Outlaw's Silence (manxman)(second story in The Crane Gang series)

115K 10K 861

An Outlaw's Silence (Wyatt's Story) ***Only a handful of people in Wyatt's life ever given a darn about...

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