[Hello everyone! How are ya?]
So, my nickname's Comi! I'm a 16 year old artist in making and a very off going and free goof. I'm harshly connected to art and literature and it is to be seen in mostly everything I ever drew/wrote. I'm bisexual and very much open about talking on the LBGT+ topic. My interests are very high in range, I mostly like calming and relaxing things..But at the same time I like to go wild and explode with adventures and new experiences! (Problems of being both a Cancer and a Libra..) I love to travel as well, cultures and new things excite me! I'm deeply into K-pop as well and I'm thinking of writing a story on the K-pop manner.
I have been on Wattpad for years but I never truly published anything.. Until now. My book 'To the moon & back' is finally published and if you could read it it would mean the world to me!
If you are as curious as I am, open minded and love to talk/good around.. Please-don't be shy to message me and drop by to talk to me! I always accept requests to meet new people! My IG will be included on here so if you feel the need to talk to me- please do so!
Until next time, goodbye!
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