Hey! We are three, scratch that new recruite, FOUR girls who wanted to make some stories together. Here is some info on ourselve, written by ourselves:

Kaili: I love volleyball, archery, and more. I love to write and I'm quite the 'grammar nazi'. (Some of my friends call me the walking dictionary.) I have my own wattpad account- kailibee- and although I don't have any stories yet, I will be working on some ideas soon.

Haley: hai. I'm haley or trixie whatever you prefer. I have another account its @7trixie13 and I'm horrible at grammar but I'm working on it because Abby, Kaili and Katana freak out when I say something wrong... I like music ALOT. I constantly am listening to it and have headphones in my ears all the time. Even when I'm not listening to it... well thanks for reading this.... ok bai.

Abby: Hi! I'm pretty much the same as Kaili I guess. I love volleyball and my friends constantly slap me on the back of the head for correcting their grammar and spelling. Um... I love owls. And cupcakes. And Harry Potter (nerd alert!). I don't really know what to put here... I'm kind of awkward that way. I love you! Bye!

Katana: soon to come folks I just joined in on this :D if you want the full review go to @katana00711 !
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