I am an IT teacher from Dublin, Ireland. I am also helping two of my pupils who are, right now, learning to survive in a dimension called Dunari, a world where spirit storms rule the skies, monsters roam the lands, and humanity is so far down the food chain a mix of magic skills, fighting skills, and luck is needed to survive.  

Those young people are fourteen-year-old Fox Keyes and Aisling O'Heir. Cousins. Adventurers. Best friends.

Fox, though, is cursed.

It is an ancient family curse requiring one member of every generation of the Keyes family to pass through an inter-dimensional gateway and spend five years serving as a warrior detective in Dunari.

My involvement with Fox and Aisling's adventure started with a voice call from Fox at 4:27 AM one Wednesday morning telling me about Dunari. When he asked for my help in setting up a website to log his adventures there, I thought he was pranking me until he gave me the location of the inter-dimensional gateway.

I looked through that gateway.

I inhaled the stink of death passing through it from the piles of bones beyond.

I heard the screams.

I believed.

I'm also relived that only those with Keyes blood in their veins can pass into Dunari. So relieved, in fact, I was happy to set up the website: www.worldofdunair.com

In Dunari, they work for Ganhook, a sorcerer Fox describes as a cross between Dumbledore and a Viking. Their current location is in Ganhook's fortified compound in the City of Bones, a human city built within a monster's graveyard.

They share the compound with some of Ganhook's 'employees'.

Shinytop: The ghost of an executed thief imprisoned in a walking stick.

Sparks: The last breath of a fire breathing demon.

Stein Cat: Ganhook's cheeky four legged assistant, who also moonlights as a detective.

Ganhook's Beard: A 'living' beard of knowledge.

For more details and stories, check out www.worldofdunari.com
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