hello losers, 
this here is cody.

hes very old.
says he's 20, but i thought he was 21. ._.
anyways, he's a grandpa.

he's so sweet, kind, wise, special, whatever the fuck you want to call him.
but all you need to know is you'd be lucky to have this loser in your life.
he will never let you down
and he's one of the most hardworking people you'll ever meet.

guys, this is a simple one.
don't fuck with him.
he knows how to kick ass.
but he also has this group of crazies that will tear your ass apart if you even contemplate hurting him.
no fucking joke.

buddy here knows boxing though.
and his muscles are literally the size of my head.
that includes his brain.

considering he's one of the smartest, most considerate guys i know.
he's been my big brother since the moment we met.

he's also very talented musically,
he sings and plays a fuckload of instruments.
he's very talented in every way.
he cooks people, he cooks.

then there's his cute baby sister, who's his life.
she's so sassy and is one of the only girls that has him wrapped around her finger.
it's funny. c:

» hey cody, i thought id leave you a small message. we've been through thick and thin, and we've never fallen apart. people who say family can only be blood is literally so wrong. you are my brother. forever and always. and i hope that we will always have this bond till there's nothing else worth keeping in this world. you've become so amazing and honestly, i couldn't be more proud to have someone so willful and wonderful as you in my life. you've inspired so many people and saved me countless times. i thank whatever forces got me to message you that day cause now, you are a staple in my life. you are one of my main humans. never forget how much i love you, and never forget no one deserves to ever hurt you. stay strong boo, even when the times get hard, we've got u»

he's also extremely busy, so don't bother him.
it'll get annoying for him.
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