I love words, what they mean and the emotion they can portray. they say a picture is worth a thousand words but i think  one word can last a lifetime. 

i write a lot but i mostly only share my poetry. i would love to even reach it to 10 fans but i doubt even that will happen. but id love it if it did.

what inspires me to write is everything, ive had a rough past and a questionable future. I'm not the smartest girl alive bu t i may be the weirdest.

i like putting my dreams and nightmares into words to be deciphered by other and let others think of what it may mean.

i really want feedback so i can improve my writing and make my work more understandable.

thanks to all who vote and or comment in the future!
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cocotrebleclef cocotrebleclef Aug 21, 2012 10:53AM
my birthday, it is. so to my fans, share me please? more fans sound awesome for my birthday
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