I am a Christian from Texas. I have two BA's and a Technical Writing Certificate from the University of North Texas. Since 2008, I have published ten plus novels and four short stories. You can find more short stories to read on my website.

Novels and short stories:

The End Times Saga: A Christian fiction series
Times of Turmoil
Times of Trouble
Times of Trial
Jon Ryan
Xavier Doolittle
Times of Rebellion
Times of Destruction
Times of Judgment
Times of Tribulation

New Frontier Series
New Frontier
Final Frontier
Beyond the New Frontier (combined novel)

Standalone novels & short stories
Out of Time - time travel novel
Shattered Earth - alt history
Dust Storm - Christian Western short story
Voyager and the Aliens -sci-fi short story
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The Day the Lights Went Out

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Description: Wrote this for college Creative Writing class. The instructor was snobby and dismissive; he preferred more literary works. I had six novels independently published at the time, while he had one published throu...

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Other Works by cliffball.
The Terrorist and the Politician

The Terrorist and the Politician

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A short story I wrote for college satire class.

Bonnie the Library Witch

Bonnie the Library Witch

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I used to work in a library, so this was something I started that I never finished.

The Teenager and the New Car

The Teenager and the New Car

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A teen and his dad arrive at a car dealership....


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