|UPDATE| OK so... A Life to Remember has come to an end. Whoever of you guys kinda liked Katarina and Timothy's story, i strongly recomend to go and read the sequel to it, A Life to Cherish. |
Hello everybody. My name is Maria and I come fom Greece. I am 22 years old and I am a redhead with some piercings and two tattoos. I hope you enjoy my stories!
THINGS I LOVE: Twilight Saga and of course Kristen, Robert and Taylor.
The Vampire Diaries and of course Nina and Ian, Joseph and Candice. Oh and Steven too!
The Hunger Games! Amazing story! I love the Trilogy!
Harry Potter! The words fail me to describe it.
Supernatural. Jensen is my first choise and Jared later!
The Walking Dead. Amazing show!
True Blood. Sookie and Eric are cute but Pam and Eric are meant to be together. Jessica and Hoit too.
I am a true Robsten and a true Nian.
Vampires, Zombies, Warewolfs, wizzards, anything supernatural is just my thing.
MY OTPs:Bellward, Klaroline, Jeranna, Delena,Paric
. I am a HUGE animal lover and I LOVE reading.
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A Life To Cherish.

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Description: Sequel to "A Life To Remember". ✨✨✨Things went rough between Katarina and Timothy and now they are both in parallel lines. Do they still love each other? Will their lines ever cross again? Are they...


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