My pen name is circus Tiffany.   I am an artist author musician photographer and a gamer. My favourite game is IMVU and as well as gods of Rome. I also like cough call far as you can tell by the colour of grill teeth I have.   I am interested in urban myths and also horror and mythology as well as astronomy and astrology and palmistry. I also like to be very creative and also I am under the name circus chopper on here I'm also very fond of stargazing. Halloween is my favourite holiday second or Christmas. I try to go for the Marilyn Manson look as far as my aesthetic goes.  I am very imaginative and I am very loyal and truthful to my friends. I do have PTSD and Asperger's as well as ADHD but that's beside the point that just feels my imagination and my creativity. I am a big believer of siren head and a big believer of UFOs and aliens. I don't believe in conspiracy theories are fear conspiracy theories don't bother. I am hoping to be a tattoo artist and a best-selling author one day.
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An Autoromance:    A memoir by circustiffany
An Autoromance: A memoir
I had to live with myself for 33 years. During this time I found funny things about me from my IQ which is 19...
Selfies 2 | book #2 by circustiffany
Selfies 2 | book #2
Auto romantic and I want her sexual is just that being in love with yourself or sexually attracted to yoursel...
Scully's loving touch by circustiffany
Scully's loving touch
Imagine for once your lover was Dana Scully from The X-Files who was a medical examiner. She was in love wit...
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