Hey I'm Jessi(: i'm 17 and I'm probably the most immature person in the world... 

my favorite movie of all time is beauty and the beast

i look at the world through completely rose-colored glasses (seriously, everything's soooo pink!)
i'm artistically challenged... i made this ceramic lion once and my art teacher thought it was a pig... true story
i'm terrified of snakes.

I try to be friends with everyone i meet... i LOVE flirting(:

gym class is like a slow and painful torture to me since i'm the most clumsy human being that ever walked the planet... i've seriously gotten my ass handed to me by a basketball on several occasions which always inspires laughter from innocent witnesses of the travesty that is my physical abilities.
I read and write almost 24/7

i'm pretty sure that if i could have a minion from "despicable me" in my house right now i could be completely 104% happy!

i also like to use the word "awesome" at least twice a day. i don't really mean to do it... it just kind of happens that way...

writers block for me is the equivalent to scarlet fever or some epic disease

i don't give a shit if your straight, gay, bi, in love with your refrigerator, or just want someone to flirt with as long as you like despicable me(:

if you ever wanna talk you can always message me... i love messages(:

... and i think that's about it... refrigerator (i had to put something weird in here... sorry -.-)
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