Hello, want to be friends? I love to read but I dont write, partly cause I'm such a procrastinator, partly cause I have enough writing to do for school as it is, and mostly because I don't think my writing is good enough yet and I'm scared of rejection what who said that, but if you do write (which is highly likely if you're on this website), then go you! I'll read anything and usually comment, and if I don't I'm either offended, tired, distracted, or intimidated.

I mostly read random stories on here when I should be doing other things, and I decided to make an account because I can be twice as annoying at no additional cost. I tend to be pretty blunt with my opinions, but if I don't have anything helpful or nice to say, I won't comment. I will point out spelling and gramatical errors, and I'm sorry if that offends you. I make plenty of mistakes. I'm not trying to be a flippant bitch (but if you don't want any constructive comments, why upload your writing online?). I like pretty words, some of my favorites are mellifluous, ebullient, and petrichor.
Well, this was awkward. Oops, I was trying not to sound too obnoxious, oh well too late now

and about my username, it means firefly in latin. I was going to use the italian word, lucciola, but that has two definitions ;)
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