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Chris Coray wrote his first story on his mother's electric typewriter in 1984, at the age of five. It was a horrifying supernatural tale, in which a ghost scares a man so badly, the man's clothes fall off and he has to hide. It was rejected for publication at the time, probably due to jelly bean stains making some words indecipherable.

His love of reading and writing never ceased, however. When he was 15, he became chief copywriter and editor for his school yearbook. In high school, he was a member of the Thoreau Society and enjoyed writing creative stories that fulfilled the requirements while stretching the rules.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Southern Utah University, because everyone knows that the only thing you can do with a degree in English is teach. Yes, that is a joke, but it really is why he didn't go for a degree in literature.

Currently, Coray lives in the Seattle, WA area with his wife, Sharise, and their dog, Stormageddon Dark Lord of All. He works in downtown Seattle coding web applications during the day, and during his off hours he is an Assistant Editor/Technical Support for QuantumFairyTales.com and the Administrator for StraitjacketWriters.com.

Outside of reading and writing, he is a Germanic Pagan and member of the Troth; a student of history and a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), as well as being active in the Seattle Steampunk community. He enjoys camping and the outdoors, cooking historic and modern recipes, smoking meat, working with wood and leather, learning German, and playing tabletop and video games with friends.
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