Heyy, we're Emily and Bryony, this is a joint account,,
Emily -
Heyy, I'm 16 and I'm good friends with Bryony... I absolutely love apollo 3 because... Henry Easton Horn.. Nom. Need I say more? yes. He's gorgeous. So is Oscar James Lloyd.. and yeah you get the picture, I'm ginger, and I have a lizard. yeah bitch. If your fit I'll lick your face ;)
I'm cooler than broyony. K?
Check out my personal account (emzybbz) and I'll love you forever

Bryony -
Hiya! I'm Bryony! I'm 15 and I'm good friends with Emily, She introduced me to apollo 3 and I have to say I think Dario Alessandro Barbanti Flick is rather yummy. I take quite a fancy to those hot emo-type guys. (So if you're a hot emo-type guy, chances are I'll probably follow you, not in a stalkish way, that's just, eughh) I love fairies and pixies and dragons and elves and wizards and shizz like that...
I'm cooler than Emily. Is that alright? (see at least I can spell stuff corectly, with capitals and not just 'k' I mean serioulsy?)
Check out my personal account (Dragon98) and I'll give you cookies :D :D :D Emily wrote this, and she missed out that I'm a super spy! Also, she missed out that I have a pet dragon named Spark and a Griffin called Phoenix.

Okaay so thanks guys.. read our books or we'll kill you (We're ninjas! Yeah, as well as a super spy) xx

AND ELEANOR!! I hacked your account :)
^ HAHAHAHAHA Du schlampe!!!!!!!!! xx
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We wrote such crap back in 2012! But its 2014 now, we're 2 years older almost and we'll update the ages in the fan fic and yeah, we'll just make beautiful stories about the three beautiful people in...
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