Well first of all my favorite color is green and I like long walks on the beach-- oh this isn't the website where you date people?
Oh... I guess I'll post my stories here, I don't know, I already made an account.

TOTALLY kidding people.

Hi Peoples, I'm Maddy.

I love writing because I think of it as a way to express your emotions and put what you're feeling or the crazy stuff thats happened in your life on paper. (Or in this case, online.)
Any way, I mostly right about teens because I am one myself and I think it's easier to reach out with some of the problems I've had and how I did/ wish I did deal with them.

What is "Spirit" you ask? It's nothing really.Only the BESTEST, GREATEST, MOST FANTASTICAL piece of writing ever.
On a serious note, though "Spirit" is a story I am currently writing and I hope you will take the time to read it.

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New Beginnings

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Description: My second poetry/song book from an older (hopefully more mature) me.

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I am a Directioner

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Hey guys, I have some exciting news for you. 
      I'm off hiatus! 
      Yes that's right, I'm back into writing and that means more of Mia and Alex. Here's the catch though, I'm not going to update the old Spirit. I kept reading over it and it wasn't going in the right direction. Instead, I'm starting all over and it's going to be fantastic. 
      Look for updates over the next few weeks and I'll see you soon.