I am Me.. 
A reader and an amateur writer.
I just love reading but then once upon a time in the middle of the forest and then the moon as blue.
There was a thinking bulb that comes out in my head.
There are some sorts of ideas and stories that come in my mind.
What are those?? Well i don’t no longer remember them all.
Super dami kasi. Ang hirap i-recall. Haha

Who am I???

I’m a bit procrastinator.

I’m a crammer.

I like sound tripping. Music is my life.

I like making and editing videos by myself.

I like taking and editing pictures of myself having those whacky pose.

I’ve been wearing glasses since 3rd yr high school but not always.

I like watching video tutorials.

Im a kpop addict.

I hate Tupperware people. (They’re getting into my nerves)

I like hanging out with my friends

I like adventures.

As of now, I do layouting, invitation and such.

I plan on finishing all my stories.

I'm a slight recluse.

I like watching horror but most of the time I keep on hiding my face with my hand. LOL

I hate fake people.
I like watching anime, jdramas and kdramas..

I crave for chocolate, marshmallows and ice cream.(uhmmm… delicious!)


I Love FCUZ especially Yejun. ^__^

You can

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ThAnk You very Big :D

CASANOVA PRINCE MEETS MS. NERD is onhold for the meantime..

busy po kasi sa school..
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chinsunhee chinsunhee Jan 13, 2013 12:17AM
hi @RJSimpkin! your welcome... i Like your story..  im reading the 1st chapter and its very interesting.. :)
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