new jikook book “sforzando” is out!! go give it some love pleasee ♡


@chimaesthetic Ughh im so late on this but I will for sure!!


its oxygen <3


꒰ ⌦ ʚ⁺✩ || A lil letter from me to you: ✎﹏ Starlight shine bright, brighter than the stars around you for you glow the prettiest above all. Enriched with heaven’s dazzling diamonds, you love are the whole rainbow. When it seems as if the the stars have fallen and the tears are draining the glow within your skin, never forget how loved you are. Although we may not know of one another, I know precious is engraved in your name. Be your inspiration and glisten like the butterflies I imagine printed into the beauty of your irises. Keep doing you angel ♥︎
          ✩•̩̩͙*ೃ˚.˚ଘo(∗  ❛ั ᵕ ❛ั )੭່˙ᴵˈ ˡˡ ᵖʳᵒᵗᵉᶜᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ˚.*ೃ
          -A lil love fairy ‍♀️ ✧ ˖⋆࿐໋₊


I luv chu a lot just know that. Even if your not gonna write again I still luv you because everyone deserves love <3<3<3<3<3<3
          I hope the best for you always~


Hey, I love your book. Plz continue it when you have time. I really want to read it. Keep fighting!! YAYY!!! O(≧▽≦)O WE LOVE YOU!!!
          We purple You!!ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ