Well He-llo to you! Yes you!
Just as I like to write stories and let my mind produce a colorful rainbow filled with creativity, I do love reading. Honestly, I will read anything, though I'm more into the young adult categories and the romance novels such as "A Walk to Remember." But yeah I'm an 18 year old who enjoys that kind of stuff so don't judge.
Oh and by the way, I don't really live in an igloo, or a warm one to be exact...if you haven't figured. I doubt one would be comfortable anyways.
My first story here on Wattpad is Long Live and I am currently working on the sequel. Also, I have another story that is completely separate from the "Long Live series" which is titled as "Shielded." Just putting it out there.
Any-who, enough mumbo jumbo, let's read shall we? ;D
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chillpenguin98 chillpenguin98 Feb 15, 2014 06:38AM
Hey everyone! So I know I haven't uploaded any stories of mine, but I'm waiting to get a writing program on my laptop soon so thats the reason why. I'm so glad to see comments and your votes, it real...
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Long Live... [Editing Plot, etc.]

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Description: High School. Junior. Has a senior brother who is captain of the Varsity football team. Amanda Greene lived a very casual and simple life with her cocky brother Brandon, whose football friends just couldn't get...

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