There is no such thing as normal. I thought I'd clarify that. I am like all the rest of the lazy college students there except from a few things. One my friends are awesome and childish and I love them because of that. Two I might not like the work in health and social but hell Ive made two friends and a wierdo in this short amount of time. Last but not least my height, I am as Rosie calls me either 'small person' or 'half dwarf' she is the only one to get away with it except my uncle. Anyway hope you like the work that I will be creating. 
My the power of one story includes many manga and anime that definately dont belong to me. My story 'wish upon an idol' will be started during the easter holidays. My story with Alex Mercer will also be started soon enough. Project delinquent camp is ready to be uploaded and so are the latest chapters of the power of one and the first two chapters of royal disappearancd only need to be typed up. In months time my account will be blooming. I hope you are looking forward to my work and comment please and give me feedback much appreciated.
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To rule the world with an iron fist (code geass fanfiction)

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Description: Hannah Akitsu a young Britannian soldier who was sent over to Japan with royal siblings Lelouch and Nunally vi Britannia before the war seeks answers in this war torn world. Lelouch x OC, Lelouch x CC, OC x OC

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