Hey guys! It's Cheshire and I'm making a bombtacular book so please read! I make covers and such, so if you want me to do something for you, kik me @DatDankGinger ! 
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Favorite thing: BLELLOW

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Stories by The Cheshire Cat
My Insanity by cheskitty8743
My Insanity Random
Just weird crap that I came up with and that happens in my life.
Reese Lemons by cheskitty8743
Reese Lemons Romance
Just some Reese and others lemons as a dare. Peace my peoples.
Mysteries of Magic by cheskitty8743
Mysteries of Magic General Fiction
Rikki and her sister Rose try to find their father before it's too late, they have to collect items and go to mysterious warehouses, they will never forget this magical journey!